1 Incredibly Awesome Thing About Long Beach

From the shoreline, to the great restaurants, amazing weather and diversity, there are many aspects of Long Beach that make it a great place to live & work, but when it all gets boiled down there is 1 thing that makes Long Beach especially awesome.

What makes Long Beach especially awesome is the fact that it is the biggest “little” city in the world. Long Beach is home to over 450,000 people, yet it seems like every time I am out in the community, whether attending a professional event, grabbing dinner with my family or simply doing the grocery shopping, I run into some I know. With so many people crammed into a relatively small geographic area, and so many surrounding cities with which to visit, you would think that regularly seeing friends and contemporaries around would not really happen, but it does. That’s what makes Long Beach special to me, it’s the sense of community and the ability to be anonymous, lost in the crowd per se, but seemingly always surrounded by neighbors and friends.

Just last week alone, I ran into one client at the gas station, I saw a good friend of mine down on 2nd Street when I was grabbing some lunch, and while sitting at a stoplight just earlier today, who do I see? My landscaper with his family waving back at me. That part of this city will never get old to me and is just one awesome reason to love this city.