3 Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Small Business

Facebook advertising got a bad rap. For the initial few years that Facebook began advertising, agencies, small business and any individual using the platform struggled to figure out how to use the platform to generate targeted leads. The targeting was spotty, ad dimensions were constantly changing and the delivery method was not particularly attention-grabbing.

Facebook was supposed to be the next great online advertising platform, but it just didn’t offer the tools to surpass using that same allocation of budget on Google’s Display Network or other advertising mediums. Well, times have changed. Facebook advertising is quickly becoming the go-to digital advertising platform for our agency and here are 3 reasons why that is occurring.

The Benefits of Facebook Targeted Advertising

Targeting, Targeting, Targeting

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world. Currently over 1.5 billion (with a B) use the platform around the world. From the posts, likes and actions that Facebook users make, Facebook is able to discern incredibly accurate data about each user. This data is then shared with advertising agency’s like ours in order to craft highly-targeted advertising campaigns. The types of targeting include simple demographic targeting like gender, age, geographic area and education. However, using behavioral data, Facebook also allow advertisers to target based on language, generation, income-level, home-ownership, and even quirky topics like number of pets and hobbies.

Different Types of Advertising

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, there is not just one way to do it. Facebook offers a number of different “types” of advertising depending on the goals of the advertiser. If the advertiser is looking to grow a larger follower audience for their Facebook page this can be by constructing a Like campaign. Looking to generate new leads for your business, a website clicks or website conversions campaign would be a great fit. Additionally, some companies may be looking to generate donations to their organization, or downloads of a new mobile app, all of which can be done using different types of campaigns within Facebook advertising.

Ease of Use

While we are experts in the field of online advertising, Facebook advertising is not terribly difficult to setup. With a Facebook account, an advertising campaign can be setup in about 10 minutes or less. The most challenging part of building a campaign is determining just how targeted to get with the campaign. Paralysis by analysis can often occur based on the sheer volume of demographic and targeting choices available to an advertiser.

If your current methods of advertising are not producing the same results as they did in the past, consider allocating some of that budget to Facebook and you can open up a whole new targeted network for your business.