3 Ways for B2B Business to brand on youtube


YouTube is the greatest social network for the gawkers among us. As human beings, we all tend to want to watch others do things. Video technology online has made doing this so much easier. All a person has to do is type in what kind of video they are interested in viewing and it pops up within seconds. Thus, there are a lot more people viewing material on the Internet than ever before. TLG Marketing would like to explore some ways your business can use YouTube to create enormous success.




The primary purpose of your use of YouTube in your case is to advertise your business, but you still have to think of the other person at the end of this transaction. They don’t log onto YouTube to be advertised to. That would be highly annoying to them. Instead, they want to see a high-quality video that just might happen to include some advertising materials in it. If you play it that way this can work out.

It is important to maintain a careful balance between letting people know who you are as a business and what you are all about and not overdoing it with the advertising. The best thing to do is make it clear and upfront that you are a B2B business while at the same time keeping the video interesting.

Part of your B2B video branding also clearly has to do with what kind of video tags you attach to your creation. People search for videos based on the tags that the creators slap on them. You want to make sure that they are able to find your video organically. The best way to make that happen is to use tags of words and phrases that you think people are likely to use when they do their searches.



Cardboard is stiff and lacking in character. It is generic and not at all interesting. It is forgettable and disposable. These are all the things that you simply cannot afford to be when working on YouTube advertising and lead generation for B2B businesses. You must remain original, funny, upbeat, and with a unique sense of style. Additionally, give the viewer something to talk about with a friend when they are done watching your video. You want to be memorable.

It is not easy to come up with your own unique thing for YouTube these days. There are a lot of videos populating the site every second. That means that you have to be unique or else you will fail to get noticed.

YouTube audiences are a more forgiving crowd than you may realize. They don’t mind when those who make videos have the occasional mistake left in the video. That is a lot better to them than watching someone read lines from a clearly rehearsed script. This may fly in the face of how things usually go, but YouTube is simply a different animal than our other media avenues.



Part of your B2B video branding strategy must be to include some level of suspense around the things that you do. People like to be left on the edge of their seats so to speak from time to time. They want to have the feeling that they just can’t wait to hear more from you. Again, this is not an easy thing to generate out of thin air, but you have the potential to make it into something special.

Your videos should absolutely be more focused on quality rather than quantity. It is nice to have a steady stream of material available for your fans, but make sure that you are not overwhelming them. Also, don’t allow your quality to suffer simply because you want to try to squeeze out another message to them. They can wait before being hit with yet another message.



You don’t have to carry the burden of creating YouTube content solely on your shoulders. A lot of companies thrive when they ask their employees to get in on the action as well. As it turns out there are plenty of employees who are more than happy to help out with the process. You can start by making a general announcement about how this is all going to work and then just go from there.

Explain to employees that they are encouraged to share material related to things that have been going on at work. You might even throw in some incentives just to keep things interesting. You might just end up being highly surprised by how creative some people can get when it comes to YouTube advertising for B2B businesses. They are often highly excited by the prospect of having their work appreciated and admired. You may have a video creating superstar amongst your employees and you may just be completely unaware of it.

There is a lot that one can do when it comes to marketing on YouTube. The most critical aspect is to make sure you don’t lose your focus. You can get a lot accomplished if you are willing to put your best efforts into this particular project. The video-sharing website that seems like nothing more than fun and games can turn into major profits for you and your company if you decide that you are going to start taking it seriously.

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