5 Super Simple Ways to Promote Your Small Business for Free

Do you want to increase profits for your small business this year, but don’t want to empty your bank account on costly advertising campaigns? There are easy ways to promote your small business for free without paying for ads in the local newspaper or costly radio spotlights. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it is entirely possible to promote your small business and drive significant attention to your company without ever touching your bank account. Consider the following five simple ways to promote your small business for free. You’ll be surprised at just how simple it is to grow your company.

Comment on Industry-Relevant Blogs

One of the fastest ways to build a reputation as a knowledgeable expert in your niche is to comment on industry-relevant blogs. Use tools like Alexa.com to find the blogs with the highest traffic numbers, and then add interesting comments on those sites. This isn’t the time to promote your own website; add a genuinely helpful comment and ensure there is a link back to your site in your profile. If your comments are sincere and add to the discussion, visitors will be intrigued enough to check out your site.

Participate on Forums Specific to Your Niche

Forums are a phenomenal way to drive visitors to your business. Find niche-specific forums on sites like Reddit or use Google to search for your market sector and the word ‘forum’. You’ll be amazed at how many forums are available that you never knew existed. Be sure to focus on forums where your target customer hangs out, not forums where other vendors in your industry spend their free time. Just like commenting on blogs, your posts on forums need to add quality insights to the discussions and provide value to the community. Not only will forum users check out your company, your posts are awesome for SEO value will promote your small business for free.

Build Profiles on Social Networks Your Customers Use

Build social media profiles on the networks your customers use and run social media advertising campaignsto get in front of new potential customers. If your preferred buyers spend a great deal of time on Facebook and you’re busy networking on Twitter, your efforts aren’t going to do you a great deal of good. Poll visitors to your website or in-store customers to see which social media platforms they prefer. The more connected you are on social media platforms your customers use, the more attention you’ll draw to your small business.

Add Blog Posts to Your Website to Attract Search Engine Attention

Blogging for business is a terrific way to improve your search engine rankings and attract customers at the same time.  I mean, you’re on our company’s blog right now reading this article.  You can craft helpful blog posts in your spare time and it won’t cost you a dime. Answer questions your customers ask on a frequent basis or blog about upcoming product releases. Keep your content fresh and add plenty of intriguing images too. You can use tools like Canva.com or DesignFeed.io to create images for free for your blog posts as well.

Write Guest Posts on Sites Your Target Customers are Likely to Visit

Guest blogging is another awesome way to promote your small business for free and build a solid reputation. Just like you poll existing customers for their social media network preferences, you can poll your customers for their news site preferences. Find out if they visit sites like Huffington Post or Inc.com and then submit guest posts to those sites. You can also find niche-relevant sites that accept guest posts by conducting a web search for your market niche and the phrase ‘writer guidelines’. You’ll be building your online reputation as an industry thought leader and increasing eyeballs on your business at the same time.

Promote Your Small Business For Free Online

Marketing your small business can be done with little to no cost, or you can trust your business to the capable hands of a local marketing agency like TLG Marketing.  Either way, it is possible to outshine your competitors and entice new customers to your company simply by being smart with your marketing choices so take the time to follow the steps above or give us a call.