Our Thoughts
On Advertising

For nearly a decade, TLG Marketing has been serving as an advertising agency to a large number of well-known clients, in Southern California and all around the nation. At TLG Marketing, our core competency is our belief that all advertising should be able to generate new leads, ultimately generating increased revenue for our clients.

At TLG Marketing, our staff is comprised of dedicated professionals who are each creatively skilled and have substantial experience building and managing extensive advertising campaigns.

This enables our agency to create the most result-oriented advertising campaigns for businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, and non-profits, that we work with. We provide a wide variety of advertising services for our clients including traditional print, radio, television & outdoor strategies as well as highly technical & targeted digital advertising campaigns.  On the digital front, TLG Marketing is versed in handled targeted search, display, video, social, native and remarketing advertising campaigns

Traditional And Digital Advertising Agency

In years past, advertising was limited to methods such as newspapers, billboards, radio and television.  All of which had their benefits and specific audience types.  However, within the last decade, the digital front has expanded rapidly and TLG Marketing has been at the cutting-edge of this transition.  Advertising is now integrated in everything we do and use.  From smart phones and apps, to emails, social media networks, display boards at restaurants and in elevators and much more. Therefore, businesses today aim at designing advertising campaigns that check all the boxes for their primary audiences and that can deliver the best possible returns.

Located in Long Beach, TLG Marketing helps businesses adapt to and utilize the best performing types of advertising for their core audience. We believe in always staying up to date with today’s advertising world, which is why we pride ourselves on helping small and medium-sized businesses compete using with highly creative, well-targeted campaigns.  As a result, our clients boost sales, generate better awareness for their products and services and and grow their businesses to achieve their goals.