B2B Lead generation tactics for the savvy business owner


Did you know the online marketing industry is a million-dollar business? There are some businesses that made billions from content marketing alone.

When it comes to B2B lead generation, you want to get results. The best B2B lead generation tactics that work include:

• Social Media Marketing
• Email Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Old-Fashion Networking
• Organic Search Marketing

How you use these techniques is more important than which technique you should choose. Here are some of the ways that B2B companies are using these most common strategies to drive results.



There’s no doubt that social media is king these days. Not everyone agrees that social media marketing is one of the best B2B lead generation strategies. One of the best ways to generate B2B leads from social media is to use professional sites like LinkedIn. Social media is just one part of marketing that you should focus on.



Email marketing still works. Despite email being over 20 years old, it’s still one of the most important B2B lead generation tactics to use. Many B2B marketers still talk about the importance of email marketing for getting leads. The reason why it’s so great is that it provides marketing automation that works when you’re away from the office.

The right email marketing software does everything for you. You want to choose one that sends automatic emails to your leads. You also need one that’s easy to use on any blog or website. One affordable benefit is to use one that allows you to create lead pages or sales pages.



Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your brand out there. You need a solid content marketing strategy to attract leads and generate traffic to your website. If you want to up your B2B lead generation game, then you need to get on the content marketing bandwagon. If you put some time into it, then it’ll be worth it.

One of the best ways to improve your content marketing skills is to create epic posts. Some things you can do to improve your content marketing game include writing how-to posts, informational guides, evergreen posts, and topics that cover a broad topic and are easy to understand. Content marketing shouldn’t be overlooked if you want your brand to stand out online.



Get outside your office and mingle with clients. Networking is still one of the most tried and true B2B lead generation tactics. Since everything is online it’s easy to forget that one of the best ways to market your business is to attend networking events. Whether you network for an hour or a weekend, it’s one of the best ways to meet potential clients, keep up with the latest news in your industry, and listen to innovative leaders and speakers.

You shouldn’t just stop there. You should use your brand to attend conferences and events. Become your own thought leader. Create speeches and presentations you can use to promote your brand. You can even turn your presentations into downloadable and shareable content that you can use to attract visitors to your site and turn them into subscribers by using lead forms that capture their information.



Organic search marketing is another old method you should use. It’s also the next best method for generating B2B leads. Getting the first spot on Google is harder than it was several years ago, and it’s harder to explain in a simple sentence or two. That doesn’t mean you should ignore search engine optimization. When combining all of these tactics and SEO, you’re sure to stand out on search engines in your chosen niche.

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