Communicating Core Competencies In A Brand

Your company’s image in the marketplace grows through repeated use of a consistent group of visual elements – especially on the web. TLG Marketing’s creative gurus use to frame color, style and symbols to form the basis of branding for our clients.

When someone comes to your company’s website, there are the 4 crucial elements that present it’s image: type style, name, color and symbol form. Each of these elements constitutes a way that your brand is perceived. While no two individuals will see your brand in exactly the same way, making sure your brand possesses elements that communicate the core integrity of what your company does is something that you can control.

3 Simple Rules for Communication in a Branded Logo

In fact, there is a simple formula that you can use for this: The more times your targeted audience sees your identity used in a consistent form, a message is built, and your brand is born! Why? The consistent use of form, of the images, does three things for your brand:

#1 – It makes your brand easier to remember.

#2 – Your company is perceived to be larger and/or more successful

#3 – Your corporate identity begins to work for you.

Important Questions To Ask Regarding Logo Branding

Obviously, your logo is the number one tool to achieve branding, on the web, in advertising and with your marketing collateral. Once again, the good news is that you control that too. When it comes to creating any branded logo for our clients, here are a list of the questions that we start by asking ourselves:

  • What is the element of the company that sets it apart as special & unique?
  • What visual message must the logo communicate to the client’s target market?
  • Will the logo represent the current style of the company, or will it need to be updated, refined or completely re-done down the road at the client expands services or product offerings
  • Will the logo need to be branded for offline products or is it specific to the web?

Once we have identified these questions, and have an understanding from the client’s perspective on what they are looking to accomplish in a logo, we are able to unleash our creative process and put pen to paper (or stylus to design pad).

Any promotional efforts and ad dollars spent may be reaching your target market, but once those potential customers and clients ‘see you,’ are they impressed?

The bottom line is, how much is it costing you to promote your site with the wrong image? If you find that your logo isn’t providing the image or the branding that you are working so hard to represent, then change it. It will cost some time, money and it may be one more ‘thing to do’ that you dread to add to your list, but it will ensure that your company is represented with it’s best foot forward.