COVID-19 Online Marketing Tips for Long Beach Businesses

COVID-19 Marketing Tips for Long Beach

If your business is based in Long Beach and you’re looking to operate successfully online during the COVID-19 crisis, we’re here to help you. TLG Marketing helps businesses succeed online and create a platform for success. And there are lots of challenges to overcome in that regard during the ongoing pandemic businesses across the area and the world are going through.

There are some things you need to get it right and some advice that’ll serve you well when it comes to online marketing during these times. We’re here to outline that information for you and give you the kickstart you need. And you can get in touch and benefit from our help directly by getting in contact with our team. Find out more below.

Comply with Long Beach Regulations for Businesses

We should get the most important thing out of the way first. It’s essential that your business is fully compliant with the ongoing and developing regulations and rules placed on businesses here in Long Beach. Public health, safety, and the wellbeing of your staff and clients should come before everything else.

You should also be aware of the scams and misinformation out there relating to COVID-19. Get your information from trusted sources and pay attention to any new measures being introduced at the state level. Things are moving quickly and information can become outdated very quickly, so be sure to stay on top of what’s permitted and what’s not. It’s likely that you won’t be permitted to offer all the services you ordinarily would right now.

Put Greater Emphasis on Communication

One great way to keep your business activities and to ensure your customers remain engaged despite everything that’s going on is to put a greater emphasis on communication. Your customers want to know what’s happening, so provide regular COVID-19 updates and reassure them. Show them that you’re still active and although things have changed, you can still do certain things.

Giving regular social media updates and keeping your Google My Business account up to date and accurate will ensure that there’s never any unnecessary misunderstandings or confusion between your business and its customers. This is going to be a vital part of your online marketing efforts going forward.

Adjust Your Business to Operate as Fully as Possible

Social distancing and certain closures have changed the way businesses have to operate, but there are still things that can be done to ensure your business remains as operable and active as possible. You should make every effort to offer your services to clients, even if those services have to now be delivered in different, improvised, and often imperfect ways.

Your Long Beach business can do this in a variety of ways depending on the kind of business you’re running. Operating delivery services that you didn’t use to offer can make up for physical store closures for example. Placing a greater emphasis on e-commerce will more than likely be a big part of that, as will making more of virtual connections now that in-person connections are largely prohibited.

Take the Opportunity to Learn and Improve

Although things seem bad right now and you might be worried about the future of your business, it’s important to keep striving for success and trying to improve. Now might be the perfect time to implement new strategies for improving your business, especially when it comes to online efforts and digitization.

You might also have the time to now invest in yourself and maybe develop some new skills that will help you with running the business going forward, both now as you adjust to the new ways of working and running your business and further into the future as things eventually start to get back to normal again.

Get Online Marketing Assistance from TLG Marketing

If you’re looking for the very best online marketing help from a team of professionals who understand what it takes to succeed in business in Long Beach, get in touch with us here at TLG Marketing today. We can help you navigate this difficult time and make the most of the online marketing opportunities that are out there.

If you want to do so, you can schedule a virtual appointment with TLG Marketing. Doing so will help you gain key insights into the world of online marketing today and how businesses in Long Beach like yours can exploit them to the max. Reach out today and claim credits that your business can use with us.