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Our Thoughts
On Email Marketing

At TLG Marketing, we have been providing outstanding marketing and advertising to a huge variety of different firms over the past decade, and it gives us great pleasure to have helped our clients achieve their desired goals and objectives.

Over the years, we have picked up valuable marketing experience that allows us to formulate flawless strategies aimed at achieving your organizational objectives, within the required period.

One marketing technique that is still being utilized on a huge scale is email marketing. It provides a great way to stay connected with your customers and keep them updated with your offerings. Additionally, email marketing might also be used to alert customers about something as little as a minor change in the terms and conditions policy. To put it as simple as possible, email marketing helps maintain a seamless connection with your customers where you can let them in, on whatever is in the good health of your business.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Our exceptionally strong relationships with our media partners have helped us land stories in a large number of world-renowned publications. Additionally, we believe that it is the ability of our skilled professionals to create credible, trustworthy, and timely stories, which make it easier to get them published. Our team members are experienced, trained, and highly certified to provide you with unmatched public relation services.

At TLG Marketing, we believe in providing our customers with a holistic approach and we do this by making sure that the new stories are well circulated around the online world as well. We use some of the most popular services like PRNewswire, which help distribute your company’s message to practically every resource like blog, news websites, radio, TV stations, and newspapers. We believe that online press is extremely valuable for small and large businesses, equally, as it not only helps enhance the company’s image but also ensures massive online inbound traffic.

Contrary to popular belief that email marketing has gone extinct, it is at a better place than ever. Today a large number of companies still choose email marketing as the top priority in ways to connect with the customers. Using email marketing, they keep their customers updated with the latest offerings, promotions, discounts, in a unique, traceable way.

If you are still wondering if it is time to get your campaign in place, take a look at the following benefits, to take the first step towards the perfect email marketing campaign with TLG Marketing Consultants.

• It Is Affordable– Email marketing still stands among the most affordable and the cheapest marketing strategies. Compared to other, popular channels, email marketing can help you achieve your desired results at less than half the cost.

• It Is Customizable– Email marketing lets you take customization and personalization to new levels. You have options to choose who receives your message and who doesn’t, added to that, you can conveniently put in any other filters like a buyers persona, or a season of the year.

• It Is Relationship Focused– Opposite to other popular strategies, which are aimed at forwarding a single marketing message over to the customers; email marketing revolves around creating and maintaining long-term relationships with customers.

• It Initiates Actions– Marketing emails are designed to encourage the recipients to take an action. In fact, those recipients who have been exposed to marketing emails for quite a while are already trained well to do something with an email.

• It Is More Popular Than Social Media– This might come as a surprise to you but a recent research study claimed that over 85% people still use emails to stay in touch with other people around, compared to 62% who use social media channels.

• It Gets You Exposure– 78% people between the ages of 18 and 44 use their smartphones to send and receive emails compared to 70% Facebook usage.

These benefits make email marketing a must have for all small to large businesses which are looking forward to generate a solid ROI, and there is no one better and doing the job, than TLG Marketing!

Email Marketing Company in Long Beach

One of the most common mistakes companies make with their email marketing is that they fail to choose an experienced service, which results in undesirable consequences. Instead of using email marketing to build loyalty and trust in your brand, the campaign turns out as Spam.

This doesn’t happen when you choose us at TLG Marketing. We believe in creating a 360 approach for all our clients, which is why, we make use of innovative tools like automated/scheduled emails, and highly appealing visuals. Moreover, we keep track of behaviors and interests, which allow us to target those prospects, which are at a higher chance of generating a conversion. Added to that, tracking allows for continuous improvements from one eblast to the next. Email marketing combined with our targeted pay-per-click advertising campaigns is a great way to create new customers and clients for your business.

If you wish to choose the best service for your email marketing campaign, choose TLG Marketing. We have a skilled team, with some of the top names in the industry, ready to take on marketing and advertising challenges and create campaigns that are more than just profitable for your organization.

To learn more about your email marketing campaign, contact us today!