Graphic Design

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’- this famous saying can be better explained and experienced first-hand in the world of marketing and advertising. The very first effort in reaching the customer is graphic design. In the marketing and advertising, one key factor that plays an essential role in the representation of your business, are the types of graphics you use. They paint the picture that is your business, showcasing the brand and conveying the level of professionalism. The visual representations of messages and offerings are the first things noticed by potential customers, and it is here that they start to form their initial impressions of your business.

Graphic design can be described as the art of communicating your business messages and offerings through the effective combination of images, icons, logos, and brands, with words. When we convey our messages with the help of a visual medium, such as a poster or a print ad, we communicate through graphic designs. Today, the implications of graphic designing are endless, from introducing a new product, to revamping a current brand; to refining product positioning, graphic design is everywhere. Therefore, graphic design has now become a major industry and we, at TLG Marketing are glad to be at the top.

At TLG Marketing, we have some of the most skilled and professional graphic designers on staff who take your business to new heights by providing a unique identity for your business. We believe that this industry requires new and fresh ideas, which is why we keep our thinking tanks powered up at all times, providing you with intelligently exclusive designs which help you increase revenues and take pride in your business.

Graphic Designers in Long Beach

Most marketing companies say they handle graphic design, but not everyone is a pro at it. At TLG Marketing, we believe that it is our substantial experience of over a decade that has equipped us with the industry specific skills that help us take every business to new levels of success and growth.  We design graphics for a large number of businesses and a large number of purposes, some of them are:

  • Logos and brands
  • Advertising designs
  • Illustrations
  • Billboard advertising
  • Newspaper Advertising
  • Print marketing

To ensure that we surpass our client expectations each and every time, we conduct in-depth meetings either in-person at our agency’s offices or via a screenshare and conference call with all our clients. In these consultations, we inquire what sort of graphics our clients require, and more importantly, what they intend to accomplish through the graphics they need designed.

Creative Logo Design & Marketing Tri-Folds

As a modern agency, we believe that it is highly important for us to know the end goal of an assignment, to begin with it in the first place, enabling us to deliver result-oriented services. For example, if a client wants us to design a logo and they wish to bring in new customers using that logo, we will design it to do especially that!

TLG Marketing firmly believes that it is our job to bring your vision to life and make your business known to the world. In most cases, graphics are a major reason behind the uniqueness of a business. Over the years, we have grown and helped our clients grow as well, all due to the fact that we believe in aligning our goals with our client’s.

Due to ever-increasing client demands and more importantly, the evolving business environment today, we have expanded our graphic designing services to include various types of media and presentation formats as well, including custom illustrations, flash animations, and other various multimedia presentations.  If you are looking for a graphic designing service that has a team of outstandingly creative and experienced minds working together, and sincerely understands the value of time and money, you have come to the right place. Good branding and visual marketing communications mirror the positioning and vision of a business, and we guarantee you just that through our high quality customized solutions.