How to Effectively Use Instagram Advertising For Your Small Business

Instagram for business has numerous advantages, especially for small businesses. One of the main advantages of using Instagram is that the business has an edge on the competition. A recent studyrevealed that only two percent of small businesses are actively utilizing Instagram.

However, for it to work, a business needs to ensure that it does it correctly. Here are a few tips that should help one get started.

Set Up a Business Account

If a business is going to make use of small business Instagram advertising, it will need to have an official account for the business, which is separate from any personal account. Remember that marketing is getting access to a specific audience. Selfies and snapshots about the owner’s personal life will distract the customers. In fact, it is advisable that business owners never appear on the IG page.

Stay Consistent

One of the best ways for a business to succeed on Instagram is brand recognition. If it has already succeeded on other social media sites, it should use similar images and names for the business on IG. That way, it will help grow awareness about the small business. However, if the images and names are too inconsistent, it could sow distrust in the hearts of any potential customers.

Avoid Hard Selling the Small Business

Buyers say that social media has a huge influence on them when they are making purchases. While their friends are their main influence, about 38% say that a brand’s social media presence has sway on them.  Despite that, a business needs to avoid sounding like a used-car salesperson in their small business Instagram advertising. Use visuals that show products without yelling how they are the best in the world. Quality images, on the other hand, allow users to make the right decision without feeling pressured.  One way a business can do this is by using creative photos. Over 65% of customers consider good quality images to be more influential in their purchase decision than any accompanying information. Thus, if a business is going to use Instagram, let the photos do the talking. Any text used ends up sounding salesy.

Focus on Showcasing Solutions Instead of Products

If users are going to develop an interest in a business’ products, it is essential that the photos and videos posted add value to them. Always strive to show the products solving a certain problem instead of simply showing the product. It helps the customers relate to the product. For instance, if the business provides a certain service, stop posting descriptions about the service. Instead, show the service being offered and the results. For example, if it offers dental care, showcase the dental process and post a short video of a procedure. End it with a few snapshots of the perfect teeth after the procedure.

Go Behind the Scenes

Most customers are quite curious about how their product is made. Use Instagram to show photos of the employees preparing the service. It is especially important for brands that deal in environmentally friendly services. Show how the entire process takes place to back up the claim.

Use the Editing Tools Provided by Instagram

Every day, over 70 million photos are posted to Instagram. With so much competition, it is important for a business to utilize every tool in its arsenal to be noticed. The social media site has numerous enhancers that can be used to achieve recognition. However, the business has to stay consistent for purposes of brand recognition. Use intuition to edit an image in a way that customers will like. If the owner cannot make a decision, it has been found that the Mayfair has the biggest impact on Instagram users.

Make Use of Lifestyle Photos

Since it has already been agreed that using Instagram for making direct pitches will not work, a business should focus on adding appeal to the products. The best way to add appeal is with lifestyle photos.

Understanding Lifestyle Photos

These are life-inspired photos that use models set in backgrounds relatable to ordinary life. That way, users are able to imagine how great that classroom would feel if they were seated in it. A recent study found that one of biggest brands in the world used 60% lifestyle photos as opposed to the usual call to action photos. Another competing brand used only 32 percent lifestyle photos. The data revealed that the company with the most lifestyle photos had the most amount of interaction on social media.

Offer Promotions Exclusive Announcements for Followers

Get followers psyched up about products with special offers, bonuses, and other exclusive announcements. Research shows that over 40 percent ( of Instagram users say they would follow a brand that offers them rewards. The promotions can be done using the text overlay feature.

Hire an Instagram Advertising Agency

Most people think that an Instagram advertising agency is the preserve of big businesses. However, what they may not know is that most ad agencies make their money by managing small business accounts. An ad agency is great for anyone as long as it delivers on the promises it makes.

One of the main benefits of hiring an Instagram advertising agency long beach is that it saves the business time. That way, the staff members do not have to spend hours trying to brainstorm ideas for an ad campaign. Another benefit of using an Instagram advertising agency long beach is that it saves time. The business saves money in that it is able to make optimal use of the advertising dollars.

Instagram Advertising Summary

If a business is new to Instagram, the owner might want to spend a few weeks using IG with their personal account. That way, they will understand how the filters and the editing tools