Is Google Remarketing For Search, Awesome, Disingenuous, or Both

For those of you unfamiliar Remarketing, this article is probably not for you. For those who understand how it works, and the incredible value it can have for businesses, then you need to hear about this new mutant form of Google Remarketing, Remarketing for Search.

Remarketing for Search is both the name of one of Google’s newest search offerings, and the definition of the very same service. Remarketing for Search is exactly that, it offers the benefits of remarketing to a specified audience using Google’s Search Network as opposed to the traditional Google Display Network. With Remarketing for Display-based advertising, it can generate incredible ROI’s based on the fact that you are reaching a core audience of individuals that your business has already made an impression on, but have not yet taken a convertible action on a digital platform such as a website, landing page or mobile app.

While this may still seem like “magic” to the unknowing soul, for us advertising and marketing specialists we understand how it works, and that the more targeted a Remarketing campaign is in terms of audience categorization, the more efficient the campaign will be and better results it will produce.

Benefits of Remarketing for Search

When it comes to Google’s Remarketing for Search, the action of Remarketing is less likely to be recognized. With banner advertisements, it is pretty apparent that you are seeing a Remarketing banner advertisement when the same pair of Nike running shoes that you were looking at on Dick’s Sporting Goods Website begins appearing on nearly every website you visit online. With Search Remarketing, the advertiser is able to use the same audience based targeting, only instead of displaying a relevant banner advertisement you get to manipulate the search results to cater to your audience member. This is where things get both awesome and disingenuous.

The individual that performed the search will have no way of knowing that their previous search history is now effecting their current (and future) searches. The advertiser can craft specific messages for any search term to display to a specific audience.

Will Search Remarketing Have Staying Power?

In terms of industries that Remarketing for Search can be beneficial for, our research points to markets that have a longer lead-cycle such as real estate, financial planning and the legal market. With average cost per clicks being among the highest for these industries, it is imperative for an advertiser to get the best, and most, opportunities to reach an individual that has already been shown an impression of the particular business. With Search Remarketing this can be accomplished, showing custom-tailored advertisements and using bid adjustments to ensure the visitor is shown a targeted advertisement in one of the top ad positions, or on a certain type of device.

For the time being, Remarketing for Search will remain a relatively underutilized advertising type within Google Adwords. But just as traditional Remarketing spread and became more prevalent, Remarketing for Search will do the same. The main difference is that with Search Remarketing it is going to be near impossible to determine that it is happening.