Lawpreneur Radio Interviews TLG Marketing

TLG Marketing was recently interviewed by Miranda McCroskey of Lawpreneur Radio. Lawpreneur radio is a community where members are both lawpreneurs (lawyer entrepreneurs … get it?) and those who assist them in helping to figure out how to thrive as business owners and attorneys.

The interview was with Evan Lamont, CEO of TLG Marketing, and ranged from a discussion about the latest trends in attorney lead generation to the power of remarketing and proper branding for a business. Additionally, Evan shared the process of how they use to define their clients niche to most effectively target online advertising efforts including recent case studies. TLG Marketing is a cutting-edge attorney marketing agency in Southern California, working with over 60 clients to provide digital marketing and lead-generation services.

We encourage you to listen to the interview with Evan Lamont of TLG Marketing by clicking on the link below as well as listening to past & future interviews on Lawpreneur Radio.