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Marketing basics for a wholesale business to drive sales and increase exposure

We all know that getting the word out about a business is the best way to increase sales and build a large customer base. Nothing does this well than a carefully designed and executed marketing plan. Wholesalers sometimes overlook this critical aspect of the business, but I’m telling you that with these simple tips your wholesale business could increase sale exponentially. I recommend that you set out your priorities whenever you are thinking about launching marketing plan for your wholesale business.

Your priorities are the sales target as well as increasing popularity of products from your channel partner. Determining how much exposure you want for both items will help you develop a budgeted and clear structured strategy.


A lot of work should go into determining the target market for your wholesale company. It seems straight forward, but I believe this should be a carefully assessed activity when you are marketing for a wholesale business. Some factors in the real market can dampen efforts during wholesale marketing for your business.

You should take the following into consideration when identifying your target market:

• Accessibility of the market through your distribution channels
• Your competitors market segment
• Holistic size of the market
• Your market segment
• Your business’s supply capacity
Advertising strategies and effectiveness in the market

I believe that taking stock of these factors allows you to create wholesale marketing strategies that are easy to implement. Realistic objectives are important for marking down progress when marketing for a wholesale business.


As you set priorities for wholesale marketing, you should note your relationships and obligations to your channel partners. The good news is that these obligations can run either way giving you an added advantage. For instance, you could integrate a brand from your channel partners into your company to increase market recognition.

Marketing for wholesale business utilizes this approach as a complement or alternative to a complete marketing campaign. Working with renowned brands creates this advantage. The channel partner’s brand awareness in the market becomes a ladder for wholesale marketing to succeed.

Sales are important as they tell you when the wholesale marketing strategies were effective and to what degree. The sales team is responsible for the basic direct marketing conducted through conversation with business customers. Some channel partners conduct regular training on sales and products where they would welcome your sales team. This strategy increases the sales team skills which directly impacts the business’ revenue generation.

The most direct and efficient way to promote a wholesale business is through direct recommendation. Depending on the source, your wholesale business could generate a lot of additional revenue. Renowned channel partners are ideal for this task because their established customer base prioritize your products when making the next purchase.


The first options in marketing for wholesale business indicate that you should utilize available resources optimally before investing in a marketing campaign. A significant move when considering wholesale marketing for your business is to join a trade organization or association. The membership offers a wider range of advantages than your traditional channel partners as these associations:

• Have seminars where you could market your company
• Have websites and
• Publish newsletters where they place their member’s business ads.

A trade organization’s reputation increases the chances of landing new clients who are members of the organization. Therefore, a well-placed ad in these publications increases your wholesale business’ exposure.

Direct Mail is an ideal strategy for business-to-business promotion which utilizes existing relationships as marketing channels. It is also easier to invade on prospective customers in their offices as business emails are freely available. Target advertising is easier with this direct approach which also saves marketing resources.


Today, marketing for wholesale business should consider using social media platforms to reach more business customers. The restriction feature on these platforms is valuable because it ensures that only legitimate businesses subscribe. Through such platforms, it is easier to develop future marketing strategies from the business customer feedbacks.

Wholesale marketing for your business should adopt current trends so as to compete effectively in the market. Creating a website goes a long way in consolidating online marketing efforts. Your business customers can easily access the site, leave queries, make purchases, and leave feedback.

Ensure that all the strategies incorporate marketing media and advertising. Multiple media is essential for the success and growth of your business. The consolidated impact of these approaches increases subscription to your website. From your subscriber’s information, you should create a mailing list for email and direct mail campaigns.

When marketing for a wholesale business, you should adopt the highlighted tips since they are essential in giving your business some market competitiveness. Wholesale businesses require this form of exposure to drive sales and increase their customer base.


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