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Ranking on search engines like Google is imperative for your business to succeed and we have the secret to skip past your competitors and get you the results you want
Dear Business Owner,

So you think you know SEO? Think again. SEO is one of the most vital parts of building a business and is imperative if you want to succeed. While many people tend to think of SEO as being dead in the water, this is in fact not the case. In fact, Google rankings are one of the most important things when it comes to generating new leads for your company and you need to be getting ahead of the game in order to succeed.

But how do you do this you ask?

You’re in the right place.

A lot of companies have recently shunned the idea of traditional Google marketing efforts in favor of social media. And while social media can bring you some element of success, they are simply never going to be able to reach the heights of SEO. This is because SEO content and ranking means you will be seen by potentially thousands of viewers not only on the day that your content goes out, but for months and even years to come!

If your business does not show up on Google when someone is searching for you, then you might as well be invisible. It’s vital that you have the right steps in place to be seen, heard about, and discovered, enabling you to make more sales, generate more leads, and have a greater level of profit.

And it’s easier than you think.

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According to a post on Wordstream, the average cost of CPCs on Google ads is a whopping margin of $1-$2. This has risen exponentially in recent years which should tell you a lot about the way that the market is going. This is because Google searches are still so super valuable – and only increasingly so.

But you don’t have thousands to shell out, you say?

That’s ok.

Obtaining good SEO this doesn’t mean you need to shell out thousands in order to have to pay for a CPC ad.
Which is why you need to focus on more organic SEO. If you have done this in the past and not had as much luck as you might have hoped, you could have been duped by some shady SEO agency that promised the world but didn’t deliver. Or provided you with “keyword rankings” in search terms that nobody looks for.

We are here to tell you how to do it the right way.

Because you don’t want results on paper that mean nothing in the real world.

You need the results that you rank for to turn into real, money-paying customers that will make your business a profit. And to do this it needs to be done properly.

Which is where we come in.

California SEO agency are the real SEO experts. We know how to keep up with the trends and stick to the tactics that are legitimate.

We won’t get your website penalized and we won’t build useless rankings. To find out more about how to build your SEO the right way, get in touch today.

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