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Anyone who’s involved in E-commerce knows that the secret to success is ranking highly in search engine results for key terms related to your products.

Think about it. You’re shopping online. You have what you want in mind. You type some keywords into your favorite search engine. Where do you click? You click one of the first results presented to you, of course!

If you wouldn’t scroll through pages and pages of results before buying the product you had in mind, why would your customers? Your customers want what they’re searching for, delivered fast.

We can help you to achieve this goal through our expert SEO knowledge. Nowadays, all too many business owners are failing to acknowledge the longstanding efficacy of successful SEO. They think that SEO is a thing of the past and, to move with the times, they need to move with (and concentrate on) alternative marketing campaigns.

Instagram competitions. Collaborations with social media influencers. These are undeniably fun areas to work with and can drive a lot of traffic to your site. But ultimately, SEO is far from dead and is something that you need to focus on alongside all of these alternative marketing campaigns.

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Many business owners are also making the mistake of thinking thay they can cut corners and drive traffic to their site solely using PPC ads and paid ads to make their website appear in paid search engine results. Again, this isn’t a bad investment. It can drive results. But once again, you really do need to focus on organic SEO at the same time.

Believe it or not, the highest converting – and therefore most valuable and profit-driving – form of traffic comes from organic Google traffic. It’s an indispensable area that you absolutely have to invest time, effort and budget into if you want to experience ongoing, long term success.
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Cost Effective Conversion

As we’ve highlighted above, there are no two ways about it. SEO needs to be carried out as well as any other marketing campaigns you may be lining up. But for a moment, you may want to consider where you attribute your budget.

SEO is a highly cost effective means of driving traffic to your page. Sure, you will need to invest, but the return is great.

This is especially poignant during a time where the cost of paid ads is shooting through the roof. Did you know that the average cost per click through Google paid ads has increased by an astounding 244% in 4 years?

Other forms of advertising are becoming more costly too, with Facebook’s average cost per click raising by 171% in the last year too!

SEO gives you more bang for your buck, each and every time.


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