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The Two Tasks An SEO Agency Must Always Keep In Mind

A professional SEO agency has several key tasks, and all of them should be directed toward growing a client’s online presence, whether directly or indirectly. To make this possible, an SEO agency must know how to use the right strategies to help a business or organization rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Safari. While an agency can adopt several strategies to achieve a client’s goal, there are some key tasks it must not lose sight of. This article will cover the two tasks an SEO agency must always keep in mind.


A good understanding of client goals and objectives is vital

Organizations, businesses, and even individuals are different – each having a unique set of goals and objectives they want to achieve. An SEO agency needs to understand those goals and objectives and keep them in mind when mapping out an SEO strategy for a client. While some strategies may have yielded the needed results for other customers, it doesn’t mean they will work for every other client. In other words, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to SEO.

The right thing for an agency to do is to appreciate each client’s uniqueness and determine their goals and objectives. How? By asking the right questions. Before starting any optimization work, an SEO agency should understand the goals a customer wants to achieve to help make them a reality.

Here are some of the most common SEO goals most clients state:

  • The need for more online traffic
  • They want to rank better
  • They need more sales
  • They want more people to know about new products and services
  • They want greater online visibility
  • They want to improve their sales


One size fits all SEO does not work

As already mentioned, different clients have various needs, even if the end goals may be similar. But there’s no single approach or strategy for building an online presence. And that’s the case for two main reasons.

First, each website may have specific problems on different pages that will require proper diagnosis. This diagnosis will give an SEO agency a good idea of what needs to be done to pull off the expected results.

Secondly, Google is getting more complex by the day, and so are the other less popular search engines. That means an SEO agency’s job is also getting more complicated, and an attempt to rely on rigid strategies or practices may not yield the right results.

Trying to drive SEO goals with a pre-set checklist before accessing a client’s unique needs could mean missing out on the nitty gritties or specific challenges each customer faces. Regardless of how reliable a set of SEO tools are, they cannot replace real-world analysis. And there’s no other way around analyzing the unique circumstances of a specific website.


Working with the right SEO agency is crucial for getting the necessary results. You can always contact TLG Marketing if you need an SEO Agency in Long Beach.

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