Video & Creative Advertising For Small Business

In a world of online marketing and social media, video and film projects have now taken a front row seat for creative advertising. Once in a while, you may have been browsing on popular social media sites such as YouTube when a video advertisement comes into view.

Not only does the video intrigue you with a compelling hook or concept, in turn it also compels you to visit the company in which the advertisement was created for. What do we call that?

Creative Advertising for Small Business

As a creative advertising agency, we have grown to accommodate and provide services to suit your advertising and marketing needs. With the inclusion of video advertising services, TLG has been hard at work in making creative video advertisements and marketing promotions for clients.

What have we learned in making these videos? Depending on the project, it comes down to a few simple points in making an effective video advertisement:

1) KEEP IT DIRECT. Unlike traditional print advertising, video allows you a greater potential of messaging to express to your audience. Typically, a freeway billboard should be read in its entirety under 5 seconds, due to driving by it so fast (unless you are stuck in typical Southern California traffic). Just because you have more time to speak to your audience doesn’t give you the opportunity to veer off track and lose interest! Always inform your audience with your clear goal! Plain and simple!

2) KEEP IT ENGAGING. Video has the power to truly grab someone’s attention and video advertising has been engaging audiences for quite some time. Engaging advertisements can often be funny or serious, but all should be informative. We feel that the best video advertisements have an effective combination of informative and funny/serious. By any means necessary, it is important to keep your audience glued to the screen.

3) KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL. While many small businesses may not possess the resources or equipment necessary for a Hollywood-style advertisement, that doesn’t mean Hollywood-style professionalism can’t be applied! Small business are making a real effort in video marketing to go above and beyond in producing high-quality, effective advertisements. With advances in today’s camera technology, many of your consumer-based SLR cameras from companies such as Canon and Nikon give you high quality video and audio at your arsenal. Why not take advantage of it? A small investment for this type of equipment can greatly boost your potential business income through production of quality video advertising!

Once all of these points have been understood clearly, your imagination is the only limit between how you decide to creatively advertise your business through video! There have been some great examples of video advertising by both small and big businesses alike. Just pay attention to the commercials during the Super Bowl…talk about visual feast for the eyes!