Website Design

In a recent survey, it was concluded that it is the first 3 seconds of viewing that decides if a person is going to stay on your website or not. 3 seconds! However, with evolving business environment, it is quite understandable.  There are millions of websites to choose from based on a search result, and an untold amount of competitors in just about every industry and market.

Today, it is not about how much content you put on your website, or what sort of colors scheme it is made from- today, with the seamless integration of technology into almost everything, websites have now become a focal point of numerous approaches to marketing and advertising, regardless of the nature or size of businesses.

At TLG Marketing, we believe that a website is the voice to your business; it is your business’s personality; it is the first impression your business makes, which is exactly why websites need to be designed professionally, using high-quality content.

Like other businesses, websites might not be your core function; here is where we come in. We utilize a client-focused approach while designing websites; this means we conduct systematic meetings where we discuss each and everything, from the graphics to the content to the tiniest details like buttons and links. We aim at creating websites that are truly meant to capture attention and are researched to make retention easy.

We Provide Responsive, Lead-Generation Website Design

The best part about our website designing services is that we aim at creating precisely what our clients are looking for. This means, we create the perfect blend of our experience and skills with your knowledge and expertise of your business to create result-oriented websites- websites that deliver prominent and noticeable results.

When you choose us, you are not choosing just another website design company, you are choosing over 10 years of experience in this industry- experience that we have picked up serving countless, diverse clients.

At TLG Marketing, we handle everything from logos, photos, videos, to website text and page content. This is not it; as we believe in serving all our clients with a holistic approach, we can also fulfil your web infrastructure needs like hosting, domain names, and almost any additional online resource you are looking for.

Have A Website Idea? Don’t Know Where To Start?

Do you have a clear idea of how you want your website to be, or what you want it to say? Do you want it to bring in more customers to your business? Do you want to conduct online transactions through your website? Come down to TLG Marketing and you can meet some of the most experienced website designers in the industry who can conveniently put your dreams and imagination to reality.

Did you start a new business? Are you confused where to start? Does getting a website destined for your business seem difficult? Not to worry, at TLG Marketing, we have your back. Once you visit us, we conduct one-on-one meetings so that we understand your business clearly, after which we present you the design which we feel would be best for your business. If your business is new to the online world, our professionals will be more than glad to give you complete step by step instructions which will help you make great online decisions for your business in the future!

Our ultimate goal for your website is to give the customers something that they have never seen before, by coming up with unique ideas and immersing your customers in to your website, using carefully researched graphics and content. We aim at giving all our customers, affordable and easy to maintain solutions for their website needs.

We Design Lead Generation Websites

TLG Marketing has a proven track-record of designing websites that help businesses generate leads. We believe that creating visually effective websites is important, but in the midst of integrating creativity, it should always be kept in mind that the ultimate goal of websites is to generate leads and bring in new customers.

We constantly stay in touch with your through the website creation process, so that we use social media integration, link sharing and other SEO tools in such a way that they help you achieve the result you initially had in mind.