E-Commerce Website Design

The world of marketing has witnessed an immense change and so have the ways in which companies sell their offerings. With the seamless integration of internet in today’s marketing and advertising ventures, the ways transactions took place earlier and the way they transactions are processed now are quite different. Today, the presence of each business on the internet is considered mandatory, as it is an ever-developing market place where they can get substantial exposure for their products and services.

This led to the creation of a completely new domain, known as e-commerce, which itself has evolved over the past few years. At TLG Marketing, we have developed e-commerce websites for a large number of clients, so that they can sell their products and services with ease. This includes the sale of downloadable files, electronics and wholesale goods, as well as perishable and nutrition-based products. Our development of e-commerce websites starts from scratch, and it usually starts with a profound understanding of your target market. Before we even begin development, we research the client’s target market, competition and the amount it will cost to market online. Later, we create ideas to customize the user experience so that the target market finds it easy and interesting to purchase products online.

E-Commerce Website Design Services

At TLG Marketing, we have a team of trained and certified website designers, which includes some of the most well-known names in the industry. Depending upon the nature of your business and the design of the website, they design the perfect e-commerce portal that meets your specific needs. We believe in aligning our goals and objectives with your organisational goals and objectives for the projects. This way, we ensure that you get the results you were looking for out of the e-commerce designs.

When creating an e-commerce platform the first aspect comes down to the method of payment. At TLG Marketing, our decade long experience enables us to create website designs, which allow users to pay via credit cards, PayPal account or any other method that you wish to integrate into your website. Moreover, the portal can be linked directly to your bank account or PayPal account. This way you can have your peace of mind, that all the transactions taking place are being managed automatically.

The most important aspect of the e-commerce platform is that it should be able to provide adequate security to the potential clients. A large number of people back out from their decision to buy products online just because they feel that giving out their credit card details or other account details is not a safe over the website. At TLG Marketing, we partner with some of the top online security firms to eliminate this fear of conducting transactions online, consequently, giving confidence to customers.

Generate Revenue For Your Business Online

Additionally, providing customers with a convenient and feasible way to purchase products and services online is essential no matter what sort of device the customer is using. Therefore, our web designers develop such e-commerce platforms, which are thoroughly tested for their functionality on all smart phones and tablet devices. As more than half the internet users prefer using their phones to surf the web and manage their social media profiles, it is necessary to ensure that the e-commerce design renders perfectly on any device. The e-commerce website designs made at TLG Marketing are all mobile –friendly with web 2.0 designs, so that no comprises are made on the customer experience.

Some of our expertise in e-commerce website designs includes:

  • E-commerce consulting
  • E-commerce graphic design
  • E-commerce hosting and payment gateway
  • Customer relations management
  • Supply chain setup and management
  • Social networking and sharing

This experience enables us to give you the guarantee for the highest quality services, in all aspects. On top of all this, we constantly stay in touch with all our clients, from the beginning of the projects right till the end, where the platform needs to be launched. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we ensure it through all the efforts we put into each project we take on. Whether that includes integration with an online system or the ability to create an account for renewal or future purposes, you can count on TLG Marketing to help you business generate revenue online.

We Design Lead Generation Websites

TLG Marketing has a proven track-record of designing websites that help businesses generate leads. We believe that creating visually effective websites is important, but in the midst of integrating creativity, it should always be kept in mind that the ultimate goal of websites is to generate leads and bring in new customers.

We constantly stay in touch with your through the website creation process, so that we use social media integration, link sharing and other SEO tools in such a way that they help you achieve the result you initially had in mind.